one night | Paris 2005

One night, some 60 artists led an operation that involved covering the poster advertisements in the 11th arrondissement with visual works measuring 4m x 3m. For several days, the advertising space became a neighbourhood-wide exhibition venue.

“une nuit” artist collective
visual design: Malte Martin

artists take to the street | France 2004

The advertising company Viacom invited 20 artists who work in public spaces –Georges Rousse, Hervé Di Rosa, Wang Du, Raymond Hains, and Malte Martin, as well as Miss Tic, André, Futura 2000 and others– to create posters that would replace 2,000 advertisements across France during the month of August.

The project gave rise to a book:
La Rue aux artistes, Viacom Outdoor, Edition Guillaume Garouste, Artegalore, Paris, 2004
ISBN: 2-9523191-0-3

The “artists take to the street” project was coordinated by MPG Art PAris for Viacom Outdoor.

visual design: Malte Martin

give me a sign | June 2005

“What I would like to do is to use this visual theatre to recreate a public space that offers more to see and read than administrative signs and advertising messages. It’s an attempt to wrest back control of public spaces as a forum for imagination that belongs to those who live there…”

Malte Maltin introduced students at Emile de Breteuil high school to sign language and visual art installations in public spaces. Each student designed a sign that offered a new twist on road signage. Their creations formed a garden of signs installed in the pool between Saint-Quentin theatre and the high school.

avant les mouches | Strasbourg 2002

Creation of a monumental mural newspaper (3m high and 16m long) with students from the Strasbourg School of Decorative Arts (ESAD) taught by Professor Philippe Delangles, during the “avant les mouches” contemporary art event at La Laiterie, a local arts venue.

held as part of an ESAD workshop

mots voyageurs #2

Pour ce projet, initié par Malte Martin, chaque jour du mois de septembre, deux mots seront affichés avec une présentation étymologique pour retracer leur voyage avant d’arriver dans la langue française.

Pour cette installation, qui célèbre ainsi le métissage de la langue commune, nous avons eu le plaisir de recevoir des créations de graphistes et de typographes du monde entier.