passing by, Ourcq

Winner of a 2014 participatory budgeting grant from the City of Paris, the art installation De Passage (“passing by”) forms part of a broader urban reclamation project to forge a stronger bond between the capital and the neighbouring suburb of Pantin. This light art installation produced by Les Arts Codés & Malte Martin/Agrafmobile creates a third river bank, up above. The artwork invites curious passersby to look up and follow the constellation of lighted signs that guide and narrate local life. The underpass lights up as pedestrians, cyclists and barges cross through, an in situ reflection of the orchestrated flow of traffic. When no one is present, the work sets in motion its own ripple of light across the underside of the bridge. Passersby can also become the conductor of this organ of light via two sensor areas marked by stars on either side of the canal, where a few waves of the arm send billows of light from one bank to the other.

on réinvente l’agora

«paysage modulaire, une forêt urbain.», un film signé Célia Pernot.

Découvrez l’ensemble de cette coopérative artistique «on réinvente l’agora» sur invitation de la Maison des Métallos en septembre 2019 sur la nouvelle page du site. Une expérience à la croisée des arts visuels, du design social et de l’urbanisme transitoire.