public words at saint blaise | here I am somewhere else | Paris 2008

This was the sequel to “public words” 2007. On the monumental 5x5 meter surface of a building, in one sentence, Malte Martin published, each week, his perception of the neighborhood… This gave rise to reactions and comments… Displayed the following week, in map form, where the topography rose and fluctuated around the isles of an archipelago, the different “answers” inscribed insular identities and declarations. “here I am somewhere else” came to an end during the Nuit Blanche, in the Square des Cardeurs. For the occasion, the usual lighting was switched off and replaced by 50 light globes from 2m to 8cm in diameter. They all vibrated gently in the dark with a white, low energy light. The square breathed; like something animal, it had a pulse and a beat. A haze wafted up and with its gauze-like effect swaddled everyday things. Thanks to sound tracks, letter boxes, bushes, and waste bins all exhaled phrases and vapors… People stopped, children’s cries meant discovery: bundles of sounds, inaudible a meter further on, punctuated the square with little tales. The archipelago was projected turn by turn with phrases; moving landscapes capsized the buildings. Train of letters moving on pixel panes of windows, the phrase proceeded: “here” is written on the façade, “I am” lights up at the back, on the balconies. “somewhere else” appears on the tower, to the right… a game of consequences, endlessly renewed. Was this the thinking of the inhabitant, or the spectator? Before the thought was fixed, the isles floated, breathed, nodding in the undulating curves of the topographic lines…

Design week, Milan 2020

Interview de Malte Martin pour l’édition 2020 au Fuorisalone de la Design week de Milan.

Du 15 au 21 juin 2020, l'Institut français y programme «Design, à présent – Présence française au Fuorisalone Digital», une exploration dans le design français à travers différents enjeux provoqués et ou amplifiés par la crise sanitaire.