entre deux

in between | Chinon 2ooo

As part of the conference “Art and Democracy”, organized by Le Monde Diplomatique, Malte Martin and François Marquez set up an installation in the collegiate church of Saint Mexure in Chinon. They produced some fifty words wrought in iron, on the theme of passage-footbridge-frontier. Installed in such a way that they emerged from the walls of the collegiate church, their presence offered an opportunity to shed all possible light on notions of frontier, necessary porousness, and foot bridges. Graceful, supple, discreet, and set perpendicular to the walls, these words escaped from the unutterable, under the rays of light. The words cast their shadows, stretched across the wall, varying their form and changing places until the evening. In the church’s nave, a second installation brought truncated words out of the earth, loops of fine wire. Other fragments were inscribed on the ground in black charcoal. At 5 pm, the light of the large door met the footbridge: the shadows of the wires rejoined the charcoal black letters and re-formed the words: the link was re-established, the frontier opens.

  • partenaires

    Ville de Chinon
    Le Monde Diplomatique

    commande à l'occasion du colloque Art et Démocratie à Chinon en été 2000

  • crédits

    conception et réalisation: Malte Martin et François Marquez

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