mots publics 2009

public words | interior-exterior | Paris 2009

My meeting with Marie Richeux paved the way to a new variant of “mots publics” (public words): the journey between public and private, interior and exterior, the sotto voce word, passing by way of an auteure’s filter. How to get things heard/read in the public place, things that a priori dwell within, on the scale of both city and individual? How to make public, in the heart of the housing estate, things which are not ordinarily heard there?

Malte Martin has typographically allowed himself to reinstate the levity and fragility of these texts written on the auteur’s typewriter. The signs “you are here?” and “precisely nowhere” spread far and wide in this simple, abrupt way described by Marie Richeux in the languages she encounters. From afar, landmarks; close to, questions. 

In october 2009, a visual and acoustic arrangement will wind up the season with a stroll through the basements of the square des Cardeurs, taking visitors somewhere between an interior and exterior space, here and elsewhere, the private and the public.

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