revue agraf’

the magazine agraf’

In 1998, Malte Martin felt a need to open up a space of visual experimentation by creating a magazine of graphic research. In association with Costanza Mateucci, he would publish the magazine Agraf’. Each issue, in a limited edition, totally changed both its form and its materials. One issue, in particular, was printed on unusual kinds of paper — confectioner’s paper, greaseproof paper, on which the words were actually stamped. The link between text and context played on contrasts between the different issues. From one copy to the next, the reading was completely transfigured as a result. 
Another large issue appeared with writings by Jacques Rebotier. Each issue was a one-off, because it encompassed printing smudges, all different… the use of which was only possible once; procedure of removals and juxtapositions in liaison with “the spirit of sampling from the daily round” peculiar to that writer.

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