sonocity I | the particle dance | France 2oo5

“This morning I went to see the place where the garbage collectors dump their rubbish. Great Scott, it’s beautiful!” Jacques Villeglé.

This Sound Track project involved fourteen people: seven twosomes of sound and visual artists to depict a sound city. Each one had to come up with, and make basic equipment available for all the others. Each twosome then had to incorporate at least one element in its own production. Each one of the artists was recruited from very different aesthetic worlds. Malte Martin and Marie-Hélène Fournier were associated in this new project, initiated by Patricia Dallio and her company, Sound Track.

“The city as living organism produced unexpected beautiful things, as here the particle 
dance at the end of the market. Exchanges, juxtapositions, discrepancies… runway strips release us from reality, but don’t disconnect us from it, for all that…” This is a good enough description of the images associated with the musical composition. In fact, Malte and Marie-Hélène produced two films and two pieces of music. Visitors were able to play them in the original order, or mix them.

  • partenaires

    ces créations sont réunies sur le Dvd Sonocité
    pour vous le procurer: ou

    production: Soundtrack
    coproduction: Agrafmobile
    producteurs associés: Art(i)too, Autour de la terre, césaré, l’Hippogriffe, Millefeuille
    avec le soutien du Ministère de la Culture (commission DICREAM), l’ADDMC Haute Marne, Ville de Chaumont, Conseil Général de Haute-Marne, REMCA-Cartonnerie, SACEM, Virtools

    architectes: Ermeline le Mézo, Francisco Ruiz de Infante, Marie-Hélène Fournier, Malte Martin, Nicolas Clauss, Patricia Dallio, Antoine Schmitt, Wall'ich, Xavier Boissarie, Philippe Lakits, Christian Sébille, Julia Blanchard, Arnaud Laumont, Tim Catinat, Jérôme Soudan

  • crédits

    création sonore: Marie-Hélène Fournier
    vidéo: Malte Martin

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