hand skin | Paris 2005

This work presented a project involving research in progress, inspired by Paul Valéry’s words: “Nothing is as deep as skin.” The initial applications of this exploration appeared in public for “the street of artists”, and inspired the proposition made by the Malte Martin graphic workshop for the World Fair with the theme of sustainable development held in Aichi, Japan. They also added positively to the publication at the “Brigittines” art centre in Brussels, and the projection “hand /words” at the Maison des Métallos, in 2oo5. He slips paper on skin — edge of surface, on the boundary membrane — closeness to a separate sheet … towards the metabolic exchange, pledge of the length of life — the enclosure can be crossed, it talks of the exchange between the environment and the organism — the other coming to the surface on the edge …Transparency. The paper thinness … offers the eye the crossing. It homes in on the points of contact. The whole form can be detected as sensibility, in the graded zones, vanishing and languid, is caught and offered the vibration of intimacy, transcendence of corporality.

until the words are erased: hand words | Paris 2005

An auditory, visual and textual poetry installation on the notions of borders and passage appeared on the streets of the 11th arrondissement in Paris. For one night, two typographic films were projected on the windows of the bookshop Libralire and the arts venue Maison des Métallos.

  • partners

    held in conjunction with Lire en fête 2005
    with support from DRAC Ile-de-France

    11th Arrondissement Council
    Libralire bookshop

  • credits

    art direction: Malte Martin
    creation of the typographic animation: Fabien Lelu

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