A digital, visual installation designed by Malte Martin, with a digital mirror that allows visitors to capture their own ghost. Their intimate, dimly-lit encounter is simultaneously cast onto the walls.

“The life/death drive is the lifeblood of creation, a necessity but also a source of contradictions. A vision of oneself and others, in turns terrifying and moving, this spectre marks the edge of a universe in which we would like to enter for the sake of knowing, and from which we must escape, to avoid becoming ensnared by the material.

Ghosts raise the question of the beauty of the deformed, of how humanity exudes this animality. Even when ghosts are the product of our fast-paced digital age, they still somewhat defy our customary classifications of things and beings.”

Nawal Bakouri

  • partenaires

    avec le soutien de Morocco experience & projects
    et l’Esav, École Supérieure des arts visuels, Marrakech

    spectres Île de la Réunion:
    Nathalie GONTHIER
    Association Courants d’art

  • crédits

    conception et direction artistique: Malte Martin
    développement numérique: Cyril Diagne
    création sonore: musique composée par KamarStudios Morocco
    Khalid Içame et Abderrazzak Akhoulill KamarMusic 2014
    design et realization textile: Tader Titbirine, Brigitte Perkins, Designer/Manager
    production: agrafmobile
    Morocco experience & projects
    Esav, Ecole Supérieure des arts visuels, Marrakech

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