blanche neige

snow white | Fontenay sous Bois 2oo2

The “galerue”, a former small downtown business, is now regularly used by visual artists. In it, Malte Martin produced “Snow white”, as part of a work in progress. The tale was written in four words — dream, white, night, snow. At times noun, at others verb, or adjective, they combined to form a sentence, then changed each week, writing a new story in mid air… The letters — typography of cut-out sheet metal — some of which are hung on nylon threads, floated in a moveable saga or were painted directly here on the windows or shop front, there on the back wall or on a sheet of Plexiglas in the middle. It was an effect of layers that was thus introduced in this wide, shallow space. The spirit of this installation was entirely focused on this volumetry of a suspended impression.

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