la rue aux artistes

artists take to the street | France 2004

The advertising company Viacom invited 20 artists who work in public spaces – Georges Rousse, Hervé Di Rosa, Wang Du, Raymond Hains, and Malte Martin, as well as Miss Tic, André, Futura 2000 and others – to create posters that would replace 2,000 advertisements across France during the month of August.

The project gave rise to a book:
La Rue aux artistes, Viacom Outdoor, Edition Guillaume Garouste, Artegalore, Paris, 2004
ISBN: 2-9523191-0-3

  • partners

    The “artists take to the street” project was coordinated by MPG Art Paris for Viacom Outdoor.

  • credits

    visual design: Malte Martin

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