takalefaire | Chaumont 2oo1

For the 1oo th anniversary of the law of 19o1 — on non-profit associations and organizations —“takalefaire, association of images, images of associations” proposed a picture of the civic imagination of Chaumont. For this second year in residence, Malte Martin’s appeal, published in the local newspaper, proposed that the city’s associations should come and tell him about their aspirations, treating him like a “public scribe”. In one hour, he translated their cause into a sign, proposing a pictorialization of his perception of their commitment. Some fifty pictograms were duly created. Some were adopted by associations as their logotype and, what is more, are still being used to this day. In tandem, Malte Martin ran graphic workshops open to one and all, throughout the year. In them, inhabitants for the first time formulated a kind of involvement that they could envisage. Then they drew it themselves, and 2oo additional pictograms saw the light of day. Malte set them down like a forest of signs in the square outside the town hall and the gardens around the various neighbourhoods. Thus did “the galaxy of associated involvements” rise up from the city’s ground, in which could be read emerging energies, dreamed-of involvements, and the strength to get the city of tomorrow on the move.

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    avec le soutien de la Ville de Chaumont

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    conception et création: Malte Martin

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