2e2m | France 2oo2

This contemporary music ensemble was looking for a new visual identity and a creative work for its concert season. Malte Martin was duly contacted, and proposed that, before constructing any image, he should listen to their upcoming programme, and become acquainted with the spirit of the works and composers to be performed by 2e2m. With Costanza Mateucci, they developed “sound phosphenes”. The photogram permitted this illusion of pallid, fleeting marks. They proceeded by way of image samplings taken from reality, combined them in discrepancies and repetitions, and contrasted them from negatives to positives, to create parallels inspired from loops and musical rhythms. In this way, each concert could be accompanied by its icon on each programme. Their ensemble formed an exhibition of 8ox12o cm posters, presented during the concert cycle given in auditoria.

  • partenaires

    co-production pour l’exposition itinérante: Essemble 2e2m et agrafmobile

  • crédits

    création photogrammes: Malte Martin et Constanza Matteuci
    mise en couleur: Malte Martin

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