jabberwock | Lille/Armentières 2oo3

“La nuit de jabberwock” (“Jabberwock night”) was a larksome, magic concert, created for children by the Art Zoyd group, mixing acoustic instruments, electronic stringed instruments and interactive spaces (detectors, analyzers, cameras, projectors, mikes…), presented by the Scène nationale of Armentières. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, this was a moment when the mirror was passed through, when Lewis Carroll arranged his poetry in portmanteau words. Malte Martin, using objects and sculptures, brought out a lunar landscape — a moonscape — of plant objects, using an itinerary open to musicians and their machine instruments. These plant objects were bizarre flowers recycling crumpled printer’s plates, a reversed streetlight, the drum of a washing machine, and other metal rejects. Their presence created a futuristic and yet familiar landscape.

  • crédits

    composition musicale: Kaspar Toeplitz, Patricia Dallio, Gérard Hourbette
    interprétation: Art Zoyd
    production: Centre de Production et de création musicales Art Zoyd/Musiques Nouvelles

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