langres philosophy conference

300 enlightened years!

Graphic designer and visual artist Malte Martin will be presenting the philosophy of Langre’s native son in public spaces around town. 

Denis Diderot will step down from his pedestal and take to the streets of Langres. He may appear in a shop window, at the corner of a building, or on Place Ziegler and the surrounding lanes. 

When you go to buy bread, Denis will talk to you. When you go to the butcher, Denis will wrap your roast in his theories. 
He will speak on a corner of Place Diderot every day of the Rencontres Philosophiques conference, talking about things that matter to us all: happiness and misery, love and indifference…

  • crédits

    conception graphique: Malte Martin
    dispositif visuel lors des Rencontres Philosophiques de Langres 2o13:
    Malte Martin /
    chargé de production: Cédric Andrzejczak
    stagiaires graphiques: Lilas Ozanne, Yvon Langue

    sur une initiative du Forum Philosophique de Langres Ville de Langres

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